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AreaSize (Bedrooms)RandAvailable Date 
321 Kotze Street, Sunnyside0.50R 3,400.0001/03/2021 
420 Leyds Street, Sunnyside1.00R 3,900.0001/03/2021 
288 Potgieter street Pretoria0.5R 2,630.0031/01/2021 
Equestria2.00R 5,330.0013/01/2021 
Edmund street Arcadia0.00R 1,290.0022/01/2021 
Brooklyn4.00R 25,500.0013/01/2021 
Faerie Glen3.00R 8,860.0013/01/2021 
Faerie Glen 3.00R 8,500.0013/01/2021 
Arcadia 2.50R 5,240.0013/01/2021 
Hamilton street Arcadia2.50R 6,240.0013/01/2021 
Sisulu Street Pretoria 2.00R 4,390.0022/01/2021 
Leon Street Pretoria North2.00R 4,010.0028/12/2020 
van der Hoff Avenue Hermanstad 2.00R 4,490.0028/12/2020 
Sunnyside Johnston street2.00R 5,540.0013/01/2021 
296 Alpine Way Lynwood2.00R 6,800.0013/01/2021 
69 Plein Street Sunnyside2.00R 5,130.0013/01/2021 
Villieria Centre, 24 Cnr of 24th ave & Michael Brink Street1.50R 3,850.0013/01/2021 
127 Relly Street Sunnyside1.50R 4,830.0013/01/2021 
105 Kotze Street Sunnyside1.50R 4,100.0013/01/2021 
84 Troye Street Sunnyside1.00R 4,190.0013/01/2021 


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